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What are the advantages of using data-driven decision-making in project management? Discuss some challenges associated with the data-driven decision-making process.
(for 1st question, please write minimum of 850–950 words answer and also include the references.)
Read the case study, Data-Driven Decision-Making, and provide your response to the following questions:

What data analytics tools did Rick Albany use to capture and analyze the data in this case?
What is fishbone analysis? How does it help in decision-making?
How effective was data-driven decision-making in this case?
(for 2nd question, please write minimum 4-5 pages answer, also include the references)
Content should be clear, concise, and understanding.
Please follow the minimum answer length as mentioned for the above question.
Please include a minimum of 3-4 refences for every question in APA format.
Check for any grammatical errors and words/sentence structure.
No plagiarism allowed, please check final answer for plagiarism before submitting.
Requirements: 8-9 pages