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Lolliot, PSYC 101 WT1 2023 ASSIGNMENT OBJECTIVES ASSIGNMENT WORTH: 15% of GRADE DUE DATE – PART 1 = 29 October 2023 DUE DATE – PART 2 = 12 November 2023 Let’s face it. We love sleeping. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. The time that we spend asleep has a profound influence on the other 2/3 that we spend awake. In PSYC 101, we cover the importance of sleep, why we sleep, and why we dream. With much of what we cover in this course, you have first-hand experience with sleeping and its effects, but we may not always be aware of our sleep habits and the impact they have on our waking hours. In this project, I would like you to investigate the effects of sleep on your own life by keeping a sleep journal (on Canvas) for 7 days. The learning outcomes for this assignment are: • Apply concepts learned in class in consciousness to your own life. • Uncover and learn about the relationship between sleep, stress, and cognitive functioning. • Identify research-based strategies for improving your sleep quality. This assignment consists of two components: (1) The Diary Component and (2) The Write-up PART 1: THE DIARY COMPONENT (DUE: 29 October) What do I need to do? • For SEVEN consecutive days between 17 October and 29 October, you will need to keep a short diary of your sleep experiences. • For each day, you will need to complete one short journal entry by filling out the form found here: https://ubc.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_e3OxiiYUFnFz5Zz • Once you have completed the diary entry, you will receive an e-mail with your answers. Please keep these safe as you will need them to complete Part 2 (see below). • These diary entries will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete IMPORTANT: Late diary entries will be penalized (see below)
Lolliot, PSYC 101 WT1 2023 PART 2: THE WRITE-UP (1000 words max; Due: 12 November) For this part, I would like you to analyse and reflect on your sleeping habits. To help with this, I would like you to compare your habits to those of your classmates (via the reported data in class) and to other university students in general). You can use the following questions / prompts to guide your analysis: • On average, for how long did you sleep? How much sleep do you need to feel awake? • Are you getting enough sleep and, if not, why are you not getting enough sleep? • When did/do you feel your most awake? • Do you notice any patterns between your sleep on your mood? • How do your sleeping habits compare to the average sleeping habits of the class and what is the relationship between sleep habits / hygiene and sleep quality? • According to the data, what are some of the consequences of lack of sleep? o Discuss how prevalent sleeping problems are within university students. Use a combination of the class data and published journal articles (like these: Lund, Reider, Whiting, & Richard, 2010; Schlarb, Friedrich, & Claßen, 2017) to help answer this question. What are some of the common causes of sleep issues in university students? • How could you improve your sleep hygiene? Regarding the last question, I would like you to research at least one technique that could be used to help one fall asleep. Include at least two references for your sleep technique to support your argument. One of them can be the reference I provide below. Below are some examples that you can choose from. You can, of course, research other techniques that do not appear on this list that could help one to fall asleep. • Listening to white noise o https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1389945704002242 • Forcing oneself to stay awake o https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/behavioural-and-cognitive-psychotherapy/article/initial-insomnia-and-paradoxical-intention-an-experimental-investigation-of-putative-mechanisms-using-subjective-and-actigraphic-measurement-of-sleep/D4631FDBB4640E0CF58FFBC17E8CCD98 • Wearing socks to bed o https://www.nature.com/articles/43366 • Listening to classical music o https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18426457 • Picture your favourite place o https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11863237
Lolliot, PSYC 101 WT1 2023 PART 3: SUBMITTING THE ASSIGNMENT DUE: 12 November on CANVAS Part 1: (the Diary Component) is due on 28 October. Please see the Rubric below for information on how this will be marked. Part 2: Please submit your write up to BOTH turnitin.com AND Canvas. To submit the assignment to turnitin.com, use the following login details: Class ID 39632453 Enrolment Key psyc1012023! For information on how to hand the assignment in to turnitin and Canvas, please see this video: Please see the Rubric below for information on how this will be marked. IMPORTANT INFORMATION 1. Word count. Your final essay should be between 600 and 1000 words. We (the TAs and I) will stop reading (i.e., marking) at 1000 words. 2. Structure. You are welcome to structure the essay how you feel works best. I find it generally easiest starting with a broad introduction (e.g., how important is sleep in general and how many people are not getting enough) before honing in on your data. Then you can end with offering possible broader solutions to the problem. This, however, is just a suggestion. 3. References. There is a small proportion of the marks that are dedicated to references. Please make sure you do use some references. See the resources below:
Lolliot, PSYC 101 WT1 2023 a. How to reference according to APA: https://bit.ly/2KlLduE 4. Writing help. Your final essay has to be the result of your own hard work. You may not use external writing sources (like Grammarly) to help you write. Strict penalties can apply if you do. To help you, here are some writing services that you are allowed to use. a. Consult the UBC writing centre: http://learningcommons.ubc.ca/improve-your-writing/ b. Take a look at “WriteAway” – an e-tutoring service that provides writing assistance for free! https://ikblc.ubc.ca/resources/write-away/ c. Check out the writing tips and FAQs on the Canvas page. RULES AND REGULATIONS • May I work with a partner? o Yes – you may. If you work collaboratively, you agree to receive the same grade as your partner. • What happens if I am late with my diary entries? o Your diary entry will comprise of 5 marks o Late diary entries will be penalized in increasing increments ▪ One late diary entry – no penalty ▪ Two late diary entries – 1 mark off diary component ▪ Three late diary entries – 2 marks diary component ▪ Four late diary entries – 3 marks off diary component ▪ Five or more than five late diary entries – 4 marks off diary component ▪ Nothing handed in – well….5 marks off diary component o Late assignments will be penalized as follows: ▪ One day late – 5% off essay mark ▪ Two days late – 15% off essay mark ▪ Three days late – 25% off essay mark ▪ Four days late – 50% off essay mark ▪ Five days late – 75% off essay mark ▪ Six or more days late – not accepted.
Lolliot, PSYC 101 WT1 2023 Written work must be the result of your independent work or joint effort if the essay is specifically submitted as a collaborative project. Evidence of cheating or plagiarism (from a published or online source or from another student not receiving credit for the same assignment) will result in an immediate zero in the class and notification to University authorities. Please familiarize yourself with the definition of plagiarism and the penalties at UBC: http://www.arts1.arts.ubc.ca/arts-one-program/ubc-plagiarism-policy.html http://vpacademic.ubc.ca/integrity/ubc-regulation-on-plagiarism/ HONOUR CODE
Lolliot, PSYC 101 WT1 2023 SLEEP TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS Exceptional Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Does not meet expectations Missing Analysis of sleep techniques The sleep technique is thoroughly explored. The analysis goes beyond a simple statement of what the sleep technique is to include theory behind the technique. The sleep technique is well detailed and explored. Evidence for (or against) the technique is discussed and its merit’s weighed. The sleep technique and the evidence for it is discussed. Exploration of the sleep technique does not move beyond a simple analysis of what the technique is. An attempt has been made to discuss the sleep technique. The key idea is poorly formulated or misunderstood / misrepresented. No information or incorrect information given. 5 4 3 2 1 0 Exceptional Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Does not meet expectations Missing Chosen journal articles The articles chosen are relevant and relates strongly to the thesis. The analysis of the article in relation to the class data is unique. The articles chosen relate to the thesis and a clear link has been made between the class data. An attempt has been made to link the articles to the thesis, but the link is tenuous or poorly explained. Little / tangential relationship between the articles chosen and the thesis. No effort has been made. 5 4 3 2 1 0 MAIN BODY OF ASSIGNMENT Exceptional Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Does not meet expectations Missing Analysis of own sleeping habits The student thoroughly analyzes their sleep habits. Connections are made between their sleep habits and class materials. The student analyzes their own sleeping habits in a way that goes beyond a simple description of their sleeping habits. Some connections are made between their own sleep habits and the material covered in class. The student reverts to a simple description of their own sleep habits without any elaboration or connections drawn between their own sleep quality and their sleep habits. Poor or lacking description of their sleep habits. Little to no effort put in. No information or incorrect information given. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 1 0
Lolliot, PSYC 101 WT1 2023 Exceptional Exceeds expectations Meets expectations Does not meet expectations Poor Missing Reflection (10) [Mostly between the class data and their personal data] Evidence of deep reflection is present. Personal views are interrogated and challenged by drawing on insightful connections or contrasts made between their personal experiences, the experiences of the class data, and the published work on sleep. The reflective paragraph is clearly and meaningfully related to the material in the main body. The reflections are related back to the class data and the chosen published work on sleep. The reflective paragraph builds on the main body of the essay. Ideas are elaborated on, but not adequately explored or unpacked. The reflection paragraph is vaguely connected to the arguments presented in the main body of the data commentary. Connections may be superficial and reflections are not elaborated on. Reflection piece does not relate, engage with, or elaborate on the key ideas identified in the previous paragraphs. No attention is given to any of the reflective prompts provided in the instruction worksheet. No personal reflection is included. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Lolliot, PSYC 101 WT1 2023 ORGANIZATION AND COMPLETION OF THE ASSIGNMENT Exceeds expectations Meets expectations Does not meet expectations Missing Organization of ideas Ideas move the argument forward. They are presented in a logical order and in appropriate sections. Ideas generally move the argument forward, and are mostly presented in appropriate sections. The logical order of the ideas may be improved. The logical order may be unclear or may need to be improved. Consequently, the order of ideas doesn’t enhance the argument. There is no apparent logic to the order in which ideas are presented. Ideas do not move the argument forward 5 4 3 2 1 0 References and Citations No errors or a few minor errors in citation style. Sources are cited, but there are some errors in citation style. There may be more than one style used. Some sources have not been cited. Major errors in citation style. There may be more than one style used. No references or clear evidence of plagiarism. 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 Conforms to Assignment Requirements Submission fully adheres to the assignment requirements. Submissions mostly adheres to the assignment requirements Little attempt is made to adhere to the assignment requirements No attempt has been made to adhere to the assignment requirements 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 Exceptional Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Does not meet expectations Overall Quality A well-written, convincingly-argued submission with original insight. The submission demonstrates a thorough understanding of course materials, complex reasoning and careful attention to detail. A strong, well-argued paper that demonstrates good understanding of course materials, solid reasoning and good attention to detail. A fair quality paper that demonstrates a grasp of the course materials. Reasoning and attention to detail can be improved. A weak paper that demonstrates a poor understanding of the course materials, and struggles with reasoning and attention to detail. 20 18 17 14 13 10 9 0
Lolliot, PSYC 101 WT1 2023 DIARY COMPONENT Full Marks / One late entry Two late entries Three late entries Four late entries Five or more late entries Nothing handed in Diary Component 5 4 3 2 1 0