writing discussion question and need guidance to help me learn.

Begin with an introduction to the paper: what is the subject, who is the author, is it a chapter of a book? Peer reviewed article? Etc. ● Give a summary of what the chapter/ article is about. ● What is the relevance of this reading to the subject of the course?In what aspect. ● Your analysis and critique ofthe text. Was it well written? Well explained? Does it provide enough back up? Does it help you understand the subject better, or do you not agree with what the author is stating?If so, why? Please understand that what I have enumerated above are only examples of what you can write about. You are reacting to the text, which is why you choose what you want to write about, or react to. Choose only a few aspects to write about as the paper is only around 2 pages long and you will not have enough space to discuss everything you may want to. ● End with a comprehensive conclusion. The paper is supposed to be around 2 pages long, however, you can go up to 3 pages. It needs to be double spaced and 12 font. If using an outside source, make sure that you cite that source. The Chicago manual of style is the preferable method to use for citations, but MLA is also acceptable
Requirements: as above