writing practice test / quiz and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Compose a brief email to me communicating a concern that you have (possibilities: your internet connectivity situation while taking online classes, something missing from the syllabus that you would like to know, a question about the subject matter, your concerns about the final essays, etc.). It should be brief–somewhere between three and five sentences.
Use the guidelines in “How to Write an Email to a Professor,” and please replicate the headers that you’d use in a normal email (that is, the to/from/subject lines). Keep in mind your ETHOS and AUDIENCE, and the needs that this audience might have (as spelled out in the essay). Take a look at the Rubric below so you will know how the email will be graded.
Please submit your work using text entry or Microsoft Word. I cannot open a Pages document.
Please note: If you are asking a REAL question (that is, one you really want an answer to), please put a note at the bottom of the page of your submission. Unless you tell me otherwise, I will assume your question is fictional.
Requirements: Depends