mechanical engineering writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

A mechanical workshop is a type of workshop that features a number of specialist tools and pieces of machinery. Mechanical workshops are places where mechanical tasks such as welding, drilling and cutting take place. Some heavy-duty pieces of machinery can be found in them which include lathes, milling machines, pillar drills and grinders.
Mechanical workshops can be found in industrial applications and also in some colleges and universities. They give students, engineers, tradesmen and mechanics a place to learn new skills and perform tasks such as fitting, carpentry, welding and metalwork.
The types of tools and machinery that can be found in mechanical workshops will generally vary as not all machines are needed in every application. A standard selection of tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, socket sets, etc) is typically found in every workshop.
In some factories, it is not possible to carry out repairs or modifications to the equipment on the factory floor. Having a good workshop gives engineers the ability to bring components and parts to the workshop where they can repair them as they will not have to worry about things such as contaminating the product.
Some of the most common pieces of machinery that are found in mechanical workshops are:
Pillar drills
Battery drills
Milling machines
CNC machines
Welding equipment
Metal bending equipment
Portable grinders
Grinding wheels