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This is a capstone project which I will include the articles (literature matrix) that should go along with this paper. Topic: In underserved minority communities (P), how has utilizing culturally competent interprofessional education and training strategies (I) compared to traditional education (C) improved health outcomes, patient satisfaction, and reduced health disparities (O) during the last 10 years (T). What needs to be included: 1) Introduction & Background 1.Provide an introduction for the topic followed by the PICOT question 2.Problem statement and desсrіption of the purpose of the project 3) Discuss the findings in relation to other related published works/studies. 4)Present the new clinical guideline, procedure, or program. 5)Goals, activities, and desired outcome(s) of the proposed new or revised guidelines. 6) Discuss the project outcomes and findings in relation to the ways the findings will influence clinical practice. Please focus more on part 1 and 2. But everything will be overall graded.
Requirements: Draft 1 page + Answer File 2 Pages