social science presentation and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Select a real older adult- preferably an actual client. Names and identifying details may be changed to protect confidentiality. You may also choose a friend or family member. Using either PowerPoint or Prezi, develop a short presentation where you describe their living arrangements, answering the following questions:
Provided a thorough overview of pertinent information about the older adult selected, such as age, demographic info, and any health issues.
Where do they currently live? Please provide a detailed description of their living arrangement.
Describe their support system in this environment. Does your client have family, friends, pets, religious community, etc. or are they isolated?
What services is your older adult utilizing in their living arrangement? Please include detailed description of the services your older adult is utilizing in their living arrangement.
Do you think this is an appropriate setting for them to live? Why or why not?
As a social worker, what referrals would you make for your client? Be specific! For example, name a specific hospice or home health company rather than saying they need those services in general. What else could support their wellbeing?
Discuss the home and community-based services that the older adult might access (refer to Anderson, Dabelko-Schoeny, & Fields, 2018, book).
Please make sure to include photos in the slides, and the wording on the slides are free from typos, professional, and grammatically appropriate. Include references in APA format.
Requirements: 10 slides