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In this final assignment, you will develop your worldview of Transformational Psychology (build upon the outline developed in Session 4). Connect to the fruit of the Spirit as well as any other pertinent self-assessments performed in this class, and integrate any notable information that helps you assemble your worldview of Transformational Psychology. Make appropriate connections to your personal and professional life (through your behaviors, experiences, and relationships). On the final slide, formulate a personal growth strategy as a result of what you learned in this course.
This assignment is indicative of experiential learning as outlined in Kolb’s Learning Model in Session One.
Critique the difference between Positive Psychology, Negative Psychology, Christian Psychology, and Transformational Psychology (One to two slides).
Explain your personal worldview through the lens of relevant scientific literature as well as connect to the fruit of the Spirit as outlined in Galatians 5:22-23 (Four slides).
Formulate how previous assumptions were challenged since the beginning of this course (One to two slides).
Describe how the Holy Spirit has worked in you through this class. Share any pertinent Scripture that has special meaning to you moving forward in your journey (One to two slides).
Formulate how you anticipate your behaviors, experiences, and relationships will be impacted as a result of what you learned (Two to three slides).
Share any new areas of research interest that resulted from your new knowledge (One slide).
Prepare a modified growth strategy for your spiritual walk. Include how your walk impacts, not only self, but families, communities, and society (Two to three slides).
Your presentation should be completed using PowerPoint, and includes a voice over video recording for the final product. Your video presentation should be between 10 and 15 minutes in length. To record your presentation, use Kaltura Capture. For additional guidance on creating this presentation, refer to the Technology Quick Guide located under Help in your course navigation bar.
Create a PowerPoint presentation showcasing your findings. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following:
12 to 15 slides in length (not including the cover and reference slides).
Written using APA format to include:
A cover slide
In-text citations to support main points
Presentation notes: Create notes in the notes section for each slide to support the slide content.
A reference slide with full APA references for each in-text citation used for support
Note: For more specific APA information, refer to the APA Requirements & Turabian Requirements link under Help in your course navigation bar.
Supported by a minimum of four scholarly resources in addition to your textbook and the Bible.
Supported by Scripture.
PowerPoint Design & Creation Resources (pdf)