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Hello Tutors I need your help to fill out the Request_for_Information_Services_BLANK FORM word document. I am taking an online course on Systems and Procedures, and I have to do a local business project, so I have chosen the Battery Plus store to see if they need any new information systems, like new software, or if they have upgraded the software. I have conducted an interview with them and written a paper about it. I just need help with completing a Request for Information Services Blank Form Word document. I will attach a sample for the Information Services pdf document to get an idea I will also attach my paper for the Battery Plus project so you will know what needs to be done. I will also attach a sample Grocery Store Project pdf document to see how previous students did the project and how they filled out the Requested for Information Services Blank Form for a Grocery Store. I will attach a PDF document listing the new system for Battery Plus. I have highlighted the number 2 software for Battery Plus. Just to let you know, my paper is still a work in progress. My assignment is due tomorrow night, and all you have to do is help me fill out the Requested For Information Services Blank Form word document that’s it.
Requirements: Moderate
Page 1 of 4 Group 3 {Charles Brown, Henry Downer, Anna Green} CPT264 Systems and Procedures Assignment 2: Project Introduction & System Service Request June 1, 2018 Business Description We have decided to work with Henry’s Grocery for our local business. Henry’s Grocery is a family-owned convenience store with a deli established in 1990 in downtown Georgetown, SC. The convenience store is stocked basic needs, and serves hot breakfasts and satisfying lunches for hungry customers on the go. The business has been very successful, they now operate two locations. • Company Name: Henry’s Grocery • Mission Statement: “To provide a safe/friendly environment in Georgetown, that supplies all your necessities and delicious sandwiches.” • Location: 5 Elm Street, Georgetown, SC 29405 • Size: Henry’s Grocery has eight employees that run two locations. • Products/Services: Henry’s Grocery provides your basic daily necessities and a deli similar to Subway. • Annual Sales: $350,000 • Number of Customers: Over 100 daily.
Page 2 of 4 Organization Chart Henry DabsOwnerAbram Dabs Grocery ManagerCharlie Murphy CashierJamal Green CashierJoe Dabs Deli ManagerWill BantonDeli Worker Jesse Lead Deli WorkerCarleen DupreeDeli Worker
Page 3 of 4 Henry’s Grocery New Website and Online Ordering System Henry’s Grocery does not have a website or social media presence. Although their business is doing well, there is a huge opportunity to expand their customer base via a website and social media page. They currently only serve either walk-ins or phone orders. This limits on the output orders, sandwiches, and products that can be sold per day. Henry’s would like to get connected with an online presence with system that will include: inventory control, online ordering, and customer management. This system should allow customers to quickly view the deli’s menu, place and pay for items online, and then send orders to Deli. Customers, after completing orders, would then go to the store to pick up their orders, without having to wait in line with walk-ins to pay for products. The reports the system outputs, will be used to perform data analysis and find trends to help them better serve their customers.
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REQUEST FOR INFORMATION SERVICES Date: Feb. 7, 2012 System enhancement: No Title: Loyalty & Rewards Program Department: Operations Location: Main Office New system: Yes E-mail: REQUEST FOR: URGENCY: [ ] Correction of system error [ ] Immediate attention required [ ] System enhancement [X] Handle in normal priority sequence [X] New system [ ] Defer until new system is developed DESCRIPTION OF REQUESTED SYSTEMS SERVICES: (ATTACH ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS AS NECESSARY) A new system for tracking customers’ purchases and their frequency of visits. MS Access is to be utilized for the database which will collect information about the customers participating in the Loyalty & Rewards Program. The system will reside on a new computer with an attached Magnetic Swipe Card reader/writer. Customized Magnetic Swipe Cards with business logo will be purchased in bulk for issuance to Program members. Data to be tracked: GENERAL DATA DESCRIPTION Customer ID Program Member number Customer Name Fields for First and Last names Customer Address Fields for Mailing Address Customer DOB Date of Birth, requirement for elgibility Customer Contact Info Fields for Phone and Email Number of visits Tracking of frequency Amount of Purchase per visit Tracking amounts for goal achievement Dates of visit/purchase Tracking visit patterns Previous discounts awarded/used Previous awards (Date Issued/ Date Redeemed) Discounts remaining/unused Awards still to be redeemed Hardware and Software Computer, Monitor, misc. peripherals- Magnetic Swipe Card reader/writer- MS Access (To be completed by the Information Technology Department) [X] Approved Assigned to IT contact person: Brett Hawkins User: Mike Ward Urgency code (1 low to 5 high): 4 [ ] Modified (see attached notes) [ ] Rejected (see attached notes) Date: 2/7/2012 Action: Allocate Budget and Timeline
REQUEST FOR INFORMATION SERVICES Date: 2/6/12 System enhancement: Yes Title: EventUpdate Department: Banquet and Event Planning Location: Southend Brewery & Smokehouse New system: No E-mail: REQUEST FOR: URGENCY: [ ] Correction of system error [ ] Immediate attention required [X] System enhancement [X] Handle in normal priority sequence [ ] New system [ ] Defer until new system is developed DESCRIPTION OF REQUESTED SYSTEMS SERVICES: (ATTACH ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS AS NECESSARY) Southend Brewery and Smokehouse currently books their event dates and meetings over the phone only. The capability to inquire over the internet would alleviate an extreme amount of stress and time. The new updates will include: Easily accessable click-able calendar added to website Feedback page for inquieries The feedback responses will be forwared to Jana Hodge’s email Feedback page will include area for customers to enter there contact information ie. email address and comments Calendar will show available dates and options to book Banquet Event Order Forms will be available for customers to write out a rough draft of their desired order Contact information for Jana Hodge and her hours of operation Will educate Jana Hodge on how to update calendar Will educate Jana Hodge on how to update feedback page (To be completed by the Information Technology Department) [X] Approved Assigned to IT contact person: Stacie Frisbie User: SKF Urgency code (1 low to 5 high): 2 [ ] Modified (see attached notes) [ ] Rejected (see attached notes) Date: 2/6/12 Action: Start budget and timeline
Group 6 {Nicholas Green & Robert Sackman}
CPT 264 Systems and Procedures
Assignment 2: Locate Business & System Request
October 30, 2023
Business Portrayal
For my local business project, I have decided to work with the Battery Plus store in Goose Creek, SC. Batteries Plus in Goose Creek has thousands of battery and lighting solutions for our home, vehicle, and commercial needs. They also offer a number of convenient in store services, including cell phone repair, key fob replacement, free auto battery testing, and more. Their store is located in the Mount Holly shopping center, near the corner of St. James Ave. and Old Mt. Holly Rd. They are across the street from the Walmart Supercenter, nearby Walgreens, and right next to Supercuts, Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt, and Little Caesars Pizza.
Company Name: Battery Plus
Mission Statement: “To provide great customer service.”
Company Location: 604 St. James Avenue Suite F Goose Creek, SC 29445
Company Size: Battery Plus has 2 employees.
Products/Services: Battery Plus store provides batteries for everything.
Annual Sales: $100,000 per year.
Number of Customers: Over 50 per day.
Organization Chart
Battery Plus Seeks New Software Solution for Sales and Inventory Management
The current system or software that Battery Plus uses for managing inventory and sales is the RMS (Retail Management System). RMS is a comprehensive software solution specifically designed for retail businesses. It helps streamline various retail operations, including inventory management, sales tracking, customer management, and financial reporting. By using RMS, Battery Plus can efficiently manage their store operations, improve customer service, and enhance overall business performance.
The current process of managing inventory and sales at Battery Plus is a system called a Counter Point. This system allows them to maintain inventory and make inventory adjustments. The main challenges or inefficiencies they have with the current system are that it was set up 20 years ago and requires updates every other day. Their current system handles customer information and sales data by keeping track of every sale made.
The specific data flow or information-related challenges the Battery Plus has encountered in their day-to-day operations were updates. Updates are always something that has to be done every other day; if not updated, the system will run slowly. For example, in situations where information flow has been a problem, when the system is not updated, it freezes the computer and they have to restart the system. The challenges impact the overall efficiency and customer experience at Battery Plus because people don’t know that they were having this issue; it’s internal for them to fix it.
The improvements Battery Plus would like to see in their current systems to address these flow problems are new software created so they don’t have to update every other day. They think specific features or functions that would enhance the efficiency of their work would allow data entry to go much smoother. The new or improved information system benefiting Battery Plus and its customers is going to allow faster customer interactions and easier data entry.
Page 1 Based on the information provided, it is clear that Battery Plus is looking for a new software solution that can address the challenges associated with their current system, Counter Point, and improve their inventory and sales management processes. Here are some recommendations for the new software that Battery Plus should consider: 1. Point of Sale (POS) System: Battery Plus should consider implementing a modern POS system that integrates with their existing RMS system. A good POS system can help streamline sales transactions, improve customer management, and provide real-time data updates. Popular options include Square, Vend, and Lightspeed. 2. Inventory Management Software: To reduce the need for frequent updates, Battery Plus can invest in an advanced inventory management software that can seamlessly sync with their POS system and RMS. This will ensure that inventory data is always up-to-date. Software like TradeGecko or Stitch Labs can be considered. 3. Cloud-Based Solutions: Moving to a cloud-based software solution can offer several benefits, including easier updates and accessibility from anywhere. Battery Plus can explore options like QuickBooks Commerce, Zoho Inventory, or Shopify for inventory and sales management. 4. Integrated CRM: To manage customer information more efficiently, Battery Plus can opt for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that integrates with their chosen solution. Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, or Zoho CRM can help improve customer data management. 5. Automated Data Entry: Look for software solutions that offer automated data entry features, such as barcode scanning and automatic syncing of sales data, to reduce manual data entry and improve efficiency. 6. Reporting and Analytics: Choose software that provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities to gain insights into sales trends and customer behavior. This can help Battery Plus make informed decisions and optimize their operations. 7. User-Friendly Interface: Ensure that the chosen software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface to make it easy for employees to adapt to the new system quickly. 8. Training and Support: Consider the availability of training and customer support from the software provider to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. Battery Plus should carefully evaluate the specific features, costs, and compatibility of these software options with their existing RMS system. It’s
Page 2 essential to involve key stakeholders in the decision-making process and possibly consult with an IT specialist or software consultant to determine the best fit for their unique needs and requirements.