global health multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Reproductive Health, Rights & Responsibilities

Part 1
Consider the related Sustainable Development Goals, the 5A domains previously emphasized: Availability – Accessibility – Affordability- Appropriateness – Acceptability. Also, review the Framework (Model) of Determinants of Health in the (attached).
With the recent controversies with the overturning of Row v Wade and reproductive health, services, and rights, it has come to this point that many people and politicians view this issue as coming down to only a binary option/decision – for or against (and even more specifically, for or against abortion). This is but an endpoint. If we go ‘upstream’ with this issue – reproductive health, services, and rights – we can view these with a comprehensive population/public health lens and consider the SDGs, the 5A domains and also the Framework/model of Determinants of Health. There are many points for interventions to be implemented, to improve sexual and reproductive health and awareness, services, and rights and reduce some of the current controversial healthcare issues and concerns.
With a word count of >500 words), go ‘upstream’ and outline a few points and interventions that could be implemented to support and improve reproductive health, services, and/or rights. Also, when considering interventions, address the ‘who, what, where, when, and how’ of these interventions. Remember when the ‘cookie cutter’ approach had been mentioned (also known as ‘one size fits all’), where one intervention is used broadly and not considering differences among communities and populations? Typically, not as effective as more tailored approaches. Discuss the points in your outline, as well as potential barriers and/or limitations and any other key ‘takeway’ points.
Part 2
think about and reflect upon when and how you learned about sexual health and reproductive health – at what point in your life (age(s))? Was this formal or informal? Who taught you or where did you learn about these (school, church, friends, family, etc.)?…and any other related past related learning experiences.
Today, if you were in charge of a team to strategize community outreach to promote and improve sexual health and reproductive health within the community, for all community members, how would you envision this? Brainstorm ideas and discuss approaches you think would better promote these topics.
Write at least 3-4 substantial paragraphs for this.

Requirements: 2 parts