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GROUP PROJECT Available from: Sept 15, 23:59h Due by: Nov 18, 23:59h Grade weight: 35% Submit as pdf on iLearn (e.g. Group1.pdf) Description Group project challenges you to combine and test your newly acquired system analysis and design knowledge and expertise. The task for you and your group is to produce a comprehensive and detailed design of a large information subsystem aimed at augmenting specific organizational processes. This project is designed to provide you with hands-on and semi-practical experiences necessary to effectively analyze and design information systems. All basic materials required to start this Group Project will be available on iLearn (Group Project Folder). I expect you to inspect those materials carefully and to approach the interview process seriously, professionally, systematically and with due care and diligence. Use email to schedule your first meeting with me (your stakeholder). Please make sure that at least two group members are available to attend the meeting during the selected time slot. You will work on this project with your group. All group members are expected to work together and contribute equally to the project. Each individual member’s grade will be allocated based on instructor’s (50%) and their group members’ (50%) assessment of their contribution to the project. You can find the detailed specification of the required deliverables below. Deliverables There are four categories of deliverables: Executive report, research report, diagrams and final presentation. Each category contains a set of deliverables. Each category has a specific weight (shown as % of your total grade) displayed next to it. Similarly, each specific deliverable comes with further explanations and with grade weight associated to it. EXECUTIVE REPORT (1%) – Executive level overview  Provide a high-level overview of this project. Please keep in mind that this deliverable should be even more high level than a System Vision Document. Restrain from using technical terms where possible, as this document is generally intended for a broad audience of senior level managers.  1 page, font size 10-12, double space
RESEARCH REPORT (2%) – Methodology selection explanation (1%)  As a group, decide which system development methodology you plan to use. Explain why did you chose that particular methodology and provide a brief description of the selected methodology.  1-2 pages, font size 10-12, double space – Industry trends (0.5%)  Conduct an independent research using peer-reviewed and practitioners’ journal sources (i.e. beyond book and iLearn content) about the trends in the respective industry of your choosing (i.e. finance, gaming or consultancy). Pay special attention to industry trends relating to information systems. Provide a concise overview of those trends in written form.  1-2 pages, font size 10-12, double space – Trends in the selected methodology (0.5%)  Conduct an independent research using peer-reviewed and practitioners’ journal sources (i.e. beyond book and iLearn content) about the trends for the systems development methodology you use (e.g. agile). Provide a concise overview of those trends in written form.  1-2 pages, font size 10-12, double space DIAGRAMS AND DESIGNS (22%) – System Development Life Cycle (1%)  Use SDLC (if your methodology allows it) to illustrate the pace of the project. Pay special attention to the core processes, which you plan to conduct, and to the iterations for each core process.  1 page, deliverable is a project-tailored figure (do not copy paste SDLC from the book/Internet as that figure will not match the characteristics of your project) – System Vision Document (1%)  Using the provided materials and the feedback from the interviewee create a system vision document.  1-2 pages, font size 10-12, double space – Themes for information gathering questions (1%)  Provide a list of information gathering questions and strategies fine-tuned for your specific case.  2-4 pages, font size 10-12, double space – Checklist for conducting interviews (1%)  Operationalize themes for information gathering into a set of concrete checklists to use during the interview/s.  2-4 pages, font size 10-12, double space
– Create the following deliverables based on the supplemental materials and interactions with your interviewee:  Four activity Diagrams (4×0.5%)  Use cases lists and descriptions (0. 5%)  Use case diagram (0. 5%)  Four fully develop use case description (4×0.5%)  System environment diagram (0.5%)  Domain model class diagram (1%)  Specification of RDMBS tables and attributes up to the 3NF (2%)  Tables representing classes (fully developed) (0.5%)  System sequence diagrams (1%)  Interaction diagrams sequence (0.5%)  State machine diagram (0.5%)  User Interfaces – continuity enforced (1%)  User Interfaces – continuity breach (1%)  Storyboard for desktop GUI (1%)  Storyboard for mobile GUI (1%)  Storyboard for Virtual Reality (1%)  Reports example (0.5%)  Data flow (subsystems) (0.5%)  Data conversion and initialization blueprint (0.5%)  Deployment model justification (0.5%)  EXTRA CREDITS OPTION1 (+1%): Working GUI connected to a populated database  EXTRA CREDIT OPTION2 (+1%): Working VR Interface – Software recommendations for diagrams: Online Visual Paradigm, Lucid Chart, Visio, Power Point and/or Argo UML. FINAL PRESENTATION (10%) – Slides (3%)  Design high quality slides that correctly, fully and succinctly present your project.  You have to have ppt/x slides for the presentation day, however, I expect you to submit the slides as part of your PDF project documentation.  Rule of thumb: 2-3 minutes per slide + support slides (no page limit for support slides). – Presentation performance (6%)  Present your project to the class (30 min for the presentation, 5-7 minutes for questions)  Define and describe the problem or issue. Present and describe the deliverables. – Connect with the audience. Answer questions effectively. – Presenters (1%)  All presenters are expected to look and act like professionals/MIS consultants.
Total points: EXECUTIVE REPORT (1%)+RESEARCH REPORT(2%)+DIAGRAMS AND DESIGNS(22%)+FINAL PRESENTATION (10%) = 35% Submitting your project Please submit your project as a single PDF file to the corresponding iLearn rubric. Organize your deliverables using the headlines from these instructions exactly as listed in this document. You will have only one attempt to submit it to iLearn. Late Group Project submissions are not acceptable. Intentionally incomplete Group Projects receive zero points. Submitting a .jpg file under .docx extension is a common example of an intentionally corrupted assignment and it will be sanctioned at instructor’s discretion. This project does not contain page limits.