cyber security question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Project for Iot and security.
you have previous experience on this project. Can you send me if you did similar project so i can see We need to see any example so i can know.
Ok brother can you do the first part from report we will see if its okay so Send me first part within next 8 hours and then we will continue further.
Our topic is about : smart taxi
We need on packet tracer also, something like the image I attach below
Requirements: long enough
Course Work Project Description and Rubric
For Examiner’s Use Only
Chatbot ( e.g. ChatGPT ) statement
This submission does not allow you to use any AI tool to complete. Any breach of this requirement will be treated as a plagiarism attempt and shall be subject to the HCT Academic Integrity Policy.
Project Objectives
This course is a project-intensive course. It allows students to have experience with security in IoT. The main objectives of this project are:
• Evaluate physical device security vulnerabilities in IoT systems through a threat modeling approach.
• Evaluate communication security vulnerabilities in IoT systems through a threat modeling approach.
• Evaluate application security vulnerabilities in IoT systems through a threat modeling approach.
• Examine the impact of emerging technologies on IoT Security.
Project Description
In this project, the group members (2 -4 students) are required to collaborate to understand and analyze the security requirements for an IoT system. The students use the collected information to propose security measures to secure their IoT system from different types of IoT attacks on physical devices, network components, and applications. The proposed measures should or can be implemented to enhance the security of their IoT system.
Project Tasks/Questions
Create and submit a well-structured MS Word Report and PPT presentation. Your report and presentation must provide answers to all the questions and follow the template structure (see report template).
Note: Please choose and describe a smart system of your choice, and then apply the Threat Modeling process.
Write general information about a smart system that you identified. This should include the IoT system with sensors, actuators) the technology (hardware, software, etc.), and the communication protocol used in the smart system.
Create an Inventory of the physical devices, communication protocols, and the IoT application.
Identify Potential threats with the STRIDE Model for physical devices, communication protocol, and IoT application. For each threat type, determine and describe potential threats and countermeasures.
Create a Risk Assessment using DREAD for physical devices, communication protocols, and IoT application.
In the previous steps, above, you created device inventories and identified vulnerabilities in each of the physical devices, communication protocols, and the IoT application using the STRIDE model. The next step is to use a scoring mechanism that allows you to determine and prioritize risk. The DREAD model lets you do this by creating a composite risk metric that consists of scores for the five DREAD risk categories:
Damage potential – What is the degree of impact on the organization’s assets? (1 = low impact, 3 = high impact)
Reproducibility – How easily can a variety of threat actors reproduce the attack? (1 = difficult, 3 – easy)
Exploitability – How easy is the attack to execute? (1 = difficult, 3 = easy)
Affected Users – Who and how many users will be affected? (1 = few, 3 = many)
Discoverability – How easily can the vulnerability be found? (1 = difficult, 3 – easy)
Mitigate any risks that have been identified with a “High” response.
Blockchain is primarily known as the technology behind Bitcoin, it is gaining a lot of attention from those interested in finding better ways to secure any type of transaction, including information exchanged by IoT devices. Blockchain involves several technologies, which run based on different protocols such as Distributed ledger, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, and consensus protocols.
Describe each of the blockchain technologies and protocols.
Determine the benefits of using the identified blockchain technologies and protocols for IoT systems.
Assume that blockchain is applied to IoT systems to make transactions. However, these transactions need to be validated to create trust between the sending and receiving devices. How to achieve such validation in IoT devices if blockchain is implemented? Justify your answer.
Project Deliverables
Report as per the template [CLO2- CLO5][50 Marks]
Presentation/Oral Communication [CLO2-CLO5][20 Marks]
Follow-up Questions and Discussion [CLO2-CLO5][30 Marks]

Point 1 is a part of group grading [50%] and point 2, and 3 contribute to individual grading.
Project Milstones
Final submission
Create a folder named TeamCode_StudentNames (Example: T1_Ahmed_Yousuf_Khalid)
Add the report and powerpoint presentation to the folder created above
Report Name: TeamCode_Report (Example: T1_Report)
Presentation Name: TeamCode_PPT(Example: T1_PPT)
Compress the folder (created in step 1) and submit on BBLearn
Submissions must be student’s original work. Refer to the Academic Misconduct policies and procedures.
Read the project rubrics to get more insights on how your project will be assessed.