other report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

make up a brand.
Requirement #
Requirement Short Description
Point Value
Slide 1
Label, must follow labeling requirements if using and marketing organic ingredients considering labeling regs.
Slide 2. Create a billboard (consider alcohol responsibility as a component of it)
Slide 3. Map of Location in Watershed
Slide 4. Sustainability Mission Statement (can be updated from first assignment) With Goals
Slide 5. Estimated Annual Production in barrels and aging time
Slide 6. Grains used (Corn, Rye, etc.), the type and method (organic or conventional other sustainable methods). If you covered corn in your assignment
Slide 7.Water source choice from assignment
Slide 8. Waste Reduction Activities
Slide 9. Community Engagement Activities Related to Sustainability
Slide 10. References used
Slide 10. Design (not just black and white powerpoint)
Total Points = 20
Helpful Links or Additional Information for requirements (number correlates to requirement in checklist above).
Key Links for Label Considerations and drinking responsibly: https://www.ttb.gov/images/pdfs/p51902.pdf
Billboard: Brief, get point across (about eight seconds), visual with text with short using bottle or label, convey responsibility and mission through images and words. Think about billboards you have seen) focus on people, planet, or profit with a line that conveys your sustainability point of view including responsibility (please drink responsibly should be included).
Link from water week with a watershed link or Use a screen shot of Google Maps
As an alternative of providing examples of mission statements, we are providing examples of “bad” mission statements. We often learn better from other’s mistakes.
Your choice as related to your mission. Small or large distillery, why did you choose this size, did you model it after a particular distillery or brand? What about aging time?
Remember the ingredients of bourbon. Please know that there is no GM Rye.https://americanbourbonassociation.com/bourbon-wha…
From your homework, likely won’t need to add or change much.
For waste production activities, please consider the whole life cycle and where reduction activities can be focused, not just within the distillery.
What activities can be used to engage your local community?
Cite a journal article if it is used (any format is fine) or if using a website, paste the whole address and the date accessed.
Simple yet not busy design.