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Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to foster your personal engagement with the business community, improve your face-to-face interaction skills, and enhance your critical analysis capabilities. You will be required to select, personally interact with, and analyze a small business.
Instructions: Identify a small business that interests you, either in your local area or online. For the purpose of this assignment, small businesses are defined as those employing fewer than 500 people.
Format: Present your analysis in an organized, 2-page minimum report, single-spaced in 12 pt. font. Although APA or other formal formatting is not required, clear organization and a well-thought-out structure are expected.
Detailed Guidelines:
Introduction (1 paragraph): Describe the small business, its products/services, valuation, employee count, and customer base. Explain why you selected this business for the assignment.
Personal Interaction (1-2 paragraphs): Arrange and conduct an interview (either in-person, via phone, or a video call) with the owner(s) or manager(s) of the business. Discuss their motivations behind starting the business, the challenges they face, their business model, and future plans.
Business Structure and Model (1-2 paragraphs): Based on your interview, analyze the business’s operational structure, ownership, and business model. Why did they choose this particular structure and model?
Mission, Strategy, and Execution (1-2 paragraphs): Discuss the business’s mission statement, strategic objectives, and how they tie into its operations and long-term plans. Evaluate how effectively the business is implementing its strategies based on your interview and observations.
Competitive Analysis and Market Positioning (1-2 paragraphs): Assess the business’s competitive position. Who are their main competitors? How does the business differentiate itself from competitors?
Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Prospects (1-2 paragraphs): Discuss the current and potential future challenges and opportunities for the business based on the business environment, your interview, and personal observations.
Conclusion and Recommendations (1-2 paragraphs): Summarize your findings, insights, and personal experience from the interaction. Provide recommendations for the business based on your analysis and the insights gained from your interview.
Reflection on the Learning Experience (1 paragraph): Reflect on what you’ve learned from this hands-on experience about the operation of a small business.
Submission: Please submit your completed report as a Microsoft Word (.docx) file to this designated assignment dropbox by the due date. The only 2 file types that should be submitted to this dropbox are either .docx or .pdf.
Important Note: This assignment encourages personal engagement and original thinking. Therefore, the usage of AI-based assistants, like ChatGPT, to complete this assignment is not permissible. All findings, insights, and recommendations should be derived from your research, personal interview, and analysis. Direct quotations from the interviewee should be properly cited. Plagiarism will not be tolerated under any circumstances.