nursing presentation and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Directions: Based on your synthesis of the evidence, you will present your findings in a professional format. Using all the work products from previous parts, you will create a slide presentation of your work. See the grading rubric embedded in Brightspace.
Create a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 10 slides. Design should be professional, clean, organized, and readable from a distance (use graphics and tables; keep words to a minimum!).
In the notes section of each slide, write your narrative, i.e. what you would say for an oral presentation.
At a minimum, slides and your presentation should demonstrate:
PowerPoint Narrative in your presentation
Introductory title slide (grabs attention with title, includes your name and credentials) Short introduction of yourself and purpose of presentation
Final PICO Question Explanation of the question and your inspiration for choosing it (Use Part 1 for your inspiration; be sure to include your FINAL PICO question from Part 3 or beyond).
Short description of the final intervention—based on the evidence!–you are proposing to fulfill the outcome in your PICO. Explain the intervention. It can be a combination of high-quality interventions—based on the evidence!—across multiple articles.
Synthesis of consistency and findings for each level of evidence (use Parts 5 and 6) to support (or not support) the intervention. Include the # of studies for each level. Explain the consistency (or inconsistency) of findings across each level.
Applicability of the intervention to the population and agency resources. Explain this.
Recommendation for practice change or future work Explain the rationale for the recommendation.
Final slide should include a complete reference list in APA format. No narrative.

Requirements: presentation

EBP Project, Part 4: Levels of Evidence
Reflection on the body of evidence as a whole to answer your research question.
My research question is answered by the entire body of evidence. A clinical practice guideline (CPG) with the highest level of evidence gives me the latest fall prevention advice for hospitals and nursing homes. The key quantitative research also support fall prevention measures. I’m certain I can create a thorough, evidence-based fall prevention program for my organization using the CPG and primary quantitative studies.
EBP Project, Part 5: Evidence Table
EBP Project, Part 6: Synthesis Table