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Requirements: in file
Description and Instructions
Project Objective:
This project is an opportunity for you to practice your knowledge to develop a dynamic web application using PHP, MySQL, HTML, and any web development technologies introduced in this course. It also allows you to develop skills for working in teams.
Choose one project from below, and follow the description:
Online Booking Appointment Application for Hospital Services.
Online Booking Appointment Application for Car Maintenance Services.
Project Description:
This project is about the creation of an online application that allows customers to make appointments for the services that they need. Your web application must provide the following specifications in each part:
Part (A)
A database will store the information of customers, which includes First name, Last name, Customer Identification Number (CID), age, gender, time, date, and list of services with prices. Also, store a simple report of each customer in the database along with the rest of their information. 
List of services should be a list of four different services that are assigned by the students.
Customer Identification Number (CID) is a unique number for each customer.

Part (B)
Any customer can book an appointment and choose any service with the online web application.
Part (C)
The customer can log in to the application by entering the identifying information (username and password). Once given access to the application, the customer can book an appointment for new services.
Note: Make sure to validate the data entry.  
Project Guidelines and Tools:
You are allowed to use any web development technologies that are only introduced in this course to build your application.
Download the XAMPP server by following the link.

Submission Guidelines:
The work on this Project must be performed by a group, a minimum of 3 or maximum 4 students.
You are required to submit the report and the source code on or before the due date via Blackboard.
Only the Group Leader must submit the report and the source code via Blackboard. However, the names and IDs of all the group members should appear on the report.
Submit the source code and all your application-related files in a separate zip file. Do not forget to document (comment) on your code.
Work should be your own, copying from students or other resources will result in ZERO marks.
You MUST show all your application code as text, code must not be converted into an image.
You are advised to make your work clear and well-presented; marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling in your information on the cover page.

Marking Criteria:
Brief description
Provide a brief description of your application in this section.
Put the different screenshots of your application with a brief description in this section (at least 8 screenshots).
Program code
Put the code of your application in this section. Also, submit the source code in a separate zip file. Do not forget to document (comments) on your code.
Note: Code should be textual, screenshots are not acceptable.