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Give IRAC arguments for each scenario please. The scenarios are from the textbook end of chapter questions.
A. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, an elderly couple, had no relatives. When Mrs. Smith became ill, the Smiths asked a friend, Henrietta, to help with various housekeeping chores, including cleaning and cooking. Although the Smiths never promised to pay her, Henrietta performed the chores for eighteen months. Henrietta claimed that she was entitled to the reasonable value of the services performed. Argue either side.1.B. Assume instead that the Smiths asked Mrs. Smith’s sister, Caroline, who lived nearby, to help with the housekeeping. After eighteen months, Caroline claimed she was entitled to the reasonable value of the services performed. Argue either side.
Joan called Devon Sand & Gravel and ordered two “boxes” (dump-truck loads) of gravel to be spread on her rural driveway by the “shoot and run” method: the tailgate is partially opened, the dump-truck bed is lifted, and the truck moves down the driveway spreading gravel as it goes. The driver mistakenly graveled the driveway of Joan’s neighbor, Watson, instead of Joan’s. Would Devon be entitled to payment by Watson? Argue either side.
On November 26, Joe wrote to Kate offering to purchase a farm that she owned. Upon receiving the letter on November 28, Kate immediately sent Joe a letter of acceptance. However, shortly after mailing the letter, Kate had second thoughts and called Joe to advise him that she was rejecting his offer. The call was made before Joe received the letter of acceptance. The issue is whether a contract has been formed and if it has, what kind of contract was formed.
Duke decided to sell his car. The car’s muffler had a large hole in it, and as a result, the car made a loud noise. Before showing the car to potential buyers, Duke patched the hole with muffler tape to quiet it. Perry bought the car after test-driving it. He later discovered the faulty muffler and sought to avoid the contract, claiming fraud. Duke argued that he had not committed fraud because Perry had not asked about the muffler and Duke had made no representation of fact concerning it. The issue is whether Duke had committed fraud.
Joseph Hoffman alleged that Red Owl Stores promised him that it would build a store building in Chilton, Wisconsin, and stock it with merchandise for Hoffman to operate in return for Hoffman’s investment of $18,000. The size, cost, design, and layout of the store building was not discussed, nor were the terms of the lease as to rent, maintenance, and purchase options. Nevertheless, in reliance on Red Owl’s promise, the Hoffmans sold their bakery and grocery store business, purchased the building site in Chilton, and rented a residence there for the family. The deal was never consummated: a dispute arose, Red Owl did not build the store, and it denied liability to Hoffman on the basis that its promise to him was too indefinite with respect to all details for a contract to have resulted. The issue is whether Hoffman was entitled to some relief? On what theory?
IRAC: In this course, students will be expected to use the IRAC method of analyzing legal problemsand issues. The IRAC method will be discussed during the first class and multiple examples will be
given during subsequent classes. All extended response questions on quizzes and weekly writing
assignments will be evaluated using the IRAC framework. See sample IRAC arguments in Brightspace.
o I: Issue: The issue is whether ….
o R: Rule: The rule of law (for the issue) is ….
o A: Analysis: The facts of the case are … and apply to the rule of law by …
o C: Conclusion: Therefore, …
• Additional Course Policies and Procedures: The only news media sources allowed are: 1) the
Washington Post; 2) the Wall Street Journal; 3) the New York Times; and 4) Investor’s Business Daily.
Students are encouraged to secure university student subscriptions to any or all of the news media
sources listed above. Most student subscriptions are free. Students are encouraged to stay current with
the news outlets listed. A substantive comment in class might consist of a reference to a news item and
a comment connecting the news item to the course material.
Requirements: as long as it needs