film writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

For this assignment you will watch and write a review of Martin Scorsese’s award winning film Silence. This film is an adaptation of the classic novel of the same name, written by Japanese Christian Shisaku Endo. Loosely based upon the true story of a Jesuit missionary to Japan, Silence is a powerful account of the suppression of the Japanese church in the 17th century.
Silence can be streamed legally through the free online service FreeVeLinks to an external site.. It is rated ‘R’, vividly portraying the sufferingJapanese Christians, and therefore can be difficult to watch at times. If you do not feel comfortable watching this, please let me know, and we will discuss another alternative. (One is reading the novel itself, widely considered THE greatest Japanese novel.)
A typical movie review includes a brief account of the plot and main characters, along with identification of the key situations, themes and ideas being dealt with in the movie. A review may also provide an analysis of the movies strengths and weaknesses, addressing such topics as the quality of the dialogue or acting, power of the story telling, the depth of the development of characters and the world they inhabit, the importance of the issues being addressed and the extent to which the book successfully addresses these issues, and so on. The main focus of the review, however, is to connect the movie to the themes and ideas that we are dealing with in class.
Requirements: No specific length, just hit every part of the instructions