film exercise and need guidance to help me learn.

(answer_2) is the story that need fix about the middle (Instead of divorcing his wife, he argues with her and pushes her down the stairs, causing her to fall and die. The police come to investigate, arrest the husband, and begin investigations into the murder and gang case)
appley it to this
BEM 352 – Film Analysis I
Fall 2023
Touch of Evil (1958)
You will be shown 1 scene from the selected film. Compare and contrast the uses of technical/formal aspects in this scene.
– How do these aspects operate in terms of character, dramatic tone and/or story?
– How does camera angle, camera movement, composition, lighting, sound, editing, wardrobe, etc. reflect what takes place within the narrative?
When discussing the technology of how the scene is assembled, use film terminology whenever possible:
Some examples (not all will apply):
Cut, Dissolve, Fade, Superimpose
Tilt, Pan, Dolly, Truck, Track, Crane
Long Shot, Mid Shot, Close Up, Extreme Close Up, Over the Shoulder
Jump Cut, Match Cut, Parallel Editing, Split Edit (L-cut)
High Contrast(low key), Low Contrast(high key), Focal Length, depth of field
Sound/Music; diegetic/non-diegetic, Voice-over, pace, and tone
Break your analysis down into the following categories and address the questions:
Briefly introduce the scene: what do you think its purposes are?
– What events does it present?
– Does it aim to create an emotional response in the spectator,
such as sadness, excitement or laughter?
Discuss important aspects of the mise en scène:
What messages do these elements communicate to the viewer?
– What sort of location/s is/are represented?
-What important props appear in the sequence? How do they
create meanings for the viewer?
– How does costume contribute to the viewer’s understanding
and of the sequence?
Discuss the cinematography.
– Do you notice anything interesting in the framing and/or
composition of any shots?
– Is energy created through camerawork?
– Is the scene high or low key lighting? Why?
Discuss the editing:
– How does it create rhythm and meaning?
– Are there more cuts in some parts of the sequence than others?
– Did you notice the use of any common techniques, such as
establishing shots at the start, master angle, eyeline match or
Discuss the use of sound and music
– What are the main sources of sound in the sequence?
Is there music? If so, what does it add to the sequence? What is diegetic and non-diegetic?
– Are particular diegetic sound effects used to enhance the
experience of the audience?
Discuss any special effects or in-field effects
Scene link for reference outside of class:
Touch of Evil (1958)
Requirements: Film Analysis
Film Treatment
Title of the Story: Behind the Mirror
Name of the writer: Student’s Name
Logline: Xavi and Dana, a pair of youthful paramours from disparate backgrounds, become enamored and enter into matrimony. However, upon the inaugural day of their union, Xavi initiates legal separation proceedings against Dana, prompted by his unwillingness to partake in her illicit undertakings. Dana is left crestfallen and shattered, plummeting into a profound despondency. Ultimately, she elects to terminate her existence, thrusting Xavi into the quagmire of repercussions from his decisions.
Key Characters:
Dana: A young lady from a modest, toiling-class lineage, she exudes intellect and unyielding determination, yet she is ensnared in clandestine pursuits to sustain her family’s needs.
Xavi: A young man from an affluent and esteemed lineage, he possesses an innate kindness and compassion, yet his resoluteness is frail, rendering him susceptible to external influences.
Summary of the Story:
Xavi and Dana serendipitously cross paths at a local tavern. Xavi is instantaneously captivated by Dana’s exquisite allure and intellectual prowess, while Dana is drawn to Xavi’s benevolent disposition and empathy. Their ardor burgeons swiftly, culminating in matrimonial vows. Nevertheless, on the very threshold of their wedlock, Xavi unearths Dana’s complicity in illicit endeavors. Initially, he is aghast, but Dana prevails upon him to avert his gaze from her transgressions. Eventually, Xavi acquiesces, although he is perpetually besieged by trepidation regarding the repercussions. One fateful day, Xavi is apprehended for Dana’s transgressions.
Although he secures release on bail, he is compelled to confront the harsh veracity of his predicament. It dawns on him that he can no longer be ensnared in Dana’s milieu, and he instigates divorce proceedings. Dana is left heartbroken and devastated by Xavi’s resolution. She descends into the abyss of despondency and eventually concludes her existence. Xavi is plagued by remorse in the wake of Dana’s demise, and he is compelled to grapple with the aftermath of his decisions.
Additional Information about the Themes and Tone of the Project:
The story encapsulates themes of love, bereavement, treachery, and reclamation. The narrative tone is steeped in sorrow and melancholy, albeit tinged with a glimmer of optimism. The tale lends itself to cinematic adaptation in manifold ways. One avenue involves delving into the intricacies of Xavi and Dana’s relationship and the myriad challenges stemming from their disparate origins. Another approach is to concentrate on Xavi’s odyssey of self-exploration as he confronts his frailties and the repercussions of his choices. The narrative possesses the potential to resonate with a diverse audience, encompassing aficionados of romantic dramas, thrillers, and character-driven cinema.