environmental engineering project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Please write and submit here a maximum two pages paper with the font size 11 and 1.5 line spacing. The font type is arbitrary and can be your choice. Headings for sections are required. No need to cover page, Write your name on top of the first page. Every where you bring information from other sources, point out the source by referring it in the text (use one of the standard methods). Avoid plagiarism, it will be checked by a framework on canvas.
Project Topic: “Sustainability : Importance, urgency and Solutions”
Project guidelines: You may include the 5 following sections in your paper but at the end it is your choice how to write it. I am open to new ideas and learn from them.
Section 1- (1/2 page) Introduction: What is sustainability, write about the importance of that for the human life on earth, bring information from other journal papers.
Section 2- (2/3 page) Different aspects of sustainability: Being supportive to environment, Energy and earth resources consumption, etc.
Section 3- (1/2 page) Solutions: write about the ways to achieve or getting closer to sustainability. How fast should we respond to the issue.
Section 4- (1/3 page) Conclusion: A summary of sections 1-4 above. Write your final statement or idea on the issue.
Section 5- References: Minimum 4 maximum 6 references required. You can have only one website and the rest should be journal papers.
Requirements: 2 papers