english project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Grading Criteria
Knowledge of the topic
Practicality and cohesion of plan
Originality, structure and use of multimedia tool
Referencing and research
Creating and presenting a proposal is an important skill to hone and develop when working within the MICE industry. It allows you to demonstrate your event concept, display your ability to manage a project, help persuade a client to proceed with your plan and gather critical feedback in the process.
For this assignment, you will be creating a digital proposal for your CLIENT. Your client will be determined based on one of the selected Case Studies below. Using images, charts, videos and detailed descriptions the proposal must exhibit research conducted across the following areas:
Overview: Provide an overview/ introduction of the event. Demonstrate an understanding of the client and key event details.
Meeting design: Identify stakeholders, define three goals and supporting objectives, distinguish key activities within each phase and specify design interventions related to your event.
Venue: Identify a suitable venue. Justify your venue selection. I.e., What features of the venue make it suitable for your client’s needs.
Event vendor: List vendors and describe the services/ products that you plan to contract for your client.
Program content: Share the proposed components including formal, information and participant driven activities. Highlight any notable speakers, appearances and entertainment that would be provided.
Budget: A rough estimate of the costs should be provided for each area. Point out expenses and revenue generating opportunities. Provide a summary about whether the event will run at a loss, break even or make a profit.
Format: Your digital proposal should be completed using Canva, Squarespace or Wix. It must include the name of the event, date of submission and the author’s name and Panther ID number. Within the multimedia proposal the following headings should be shown and developed, Meeting Objectives & Design, Venue, Event Vendors, Program Content and Budget.
Originality: The assignment must be entirely your own work.
Sources: A reference list must be included. APA 7th edition must be used. See the syllabus on ‘Bibliographical Citations’ for a guide to referencing.
Case 4
Situation: The Pizza Industry Council of the National Restaurant Association focuses on serving managers and owners of pizza restaurants. Its size is difficult to estimate, as many restaurant owners are not exclusively pizza parlors, and membership is in the NRA rather than the Council. However, at the last national NRA convention, it was determined that the Pizza Industry would hold a spin-off event focused only on the “mom and pop” pizza providers. The expectation would be to focus solely on business operation, marketing, and staffing of pizza parlors for 500- 700 patrons.
Demographics: This is not a wealthy clientele, but neither is it impoverished. They like to get away from their pizza ovens and enjoy the “other things in life”. The population is 75% male, with a group in their early (and entrepreneurial) 20’s and early 30’s, and another group in their late 40’s and 50’s. Most are willing to invest in a program that is clearly of value to them. There may be some “Pizza wannabes” who are considering the opening of a restaurant, too.
Meeting details: It has already been decided that this 2-day event cannot be around the NRA annual convention, as that would be too long for these folks to be away from their businesses. It has already been expressed that they would enjoy a night where pizza can be forgotten, and they can enjoy a fun time together.
Budget: $500,000
Requirements: 200