Read the Senior Textbook and answer the questions, each one about 200-300 words

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Chapter 1,2 :…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4,5:…

Requirements: each one about 200-300 words
Senior Chapters 1-5 Study Guide for the Midterm
Chapter 1 –
Questions 2 and 3 (for question 3 be sure to consider the difference Senior draws between biography and “something more”)
What are the three stages in the formation of the gospels? And why are these important for understanding the nature and purpose of a gospel?
How can we claim that the gospels are credible witnesses to the reality of Jesus Christ? In what ways are they “something more” than biographies?
Chapter 2 –
Questions 1 and 2
What are some of the most important facts about the political and economic situation in which Jesus grew up?
Why is some knowledge of the land and circumstances of first century Palestine helpful in reading the gospels?
Chapter 3 –
Question 1 AND 4 (as one) and question 1 AND 5 (as one)
Describe the gospel motif of the “kingdom of God”. In what ways does Jesus outreach to the poor and the marginalized tell us about the mission of the church today?
Describe the gospel motif of the “kingdom of God.” How does Jesus incorporate women into his ministry? How should this inform the inclusion of women in the church today? How does this struggle continue?
Chapter 4 –
Questions 4 AND 5 (as one)
What is the core conviction that stands at the center and guiding principle of all of Jesus’ teaching? Reflect on His teaching about the Jewish law. What can we learn as a church from these controversies and teachings in the gospels?
Chapter 5 –
Questions 2 AND 4 (as one) and 3 AND 4 (as one)
Why do the gospels give such importance to Jesus’ ministry of healing? How does this aspect of his mission proclaim the coming of God’s rule? In what ways, from the biblical perspective, can we say that “evil” and illness are related?
What significance do exorcisms play in the gospel portrayal of Jesus? Can you relate contemporary experience to this important aspect of the gospel portrayal? In what ways, from the biblical perspective, can we say that “evil” and illness are related?
You are writing an essay with an introduction and a conclusion. Be sure to draw at least FOUR points from the gospels and/or Senior to support your argument. Don’t just pull together a list of examples and link them together. You don’t need to re-tell an entire parable or story – just the cogent points and why you chose them. Write a thoughtful essay. BEFORE writing the essay on the exam prompt please include a very short outline of what you will be writing about.
As you prepare, think about each question and what it is asking. Think about
Similarities, differences and why the comparison or contrast is useful
Be analytical – describe something, present arguments for or against, advantages/disadvantages
Define the key terms you’re using so that it shows you understand them fully
Summarize clearly and concisely presenting the main ideas you’re discussing
Explain why or how and justify your position
These are things that I will be considering as I am reading and grading your essays.