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The topic is: Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act 1986.
write a paper analyzing the paper based on the following questions:
1.When was the regulation passed by the Federal government?
2. Why was the regulation passed by the Federal government?
3. What businesses/industries are covered by the regulation?
4. What are the legal requirements of the policy? In other words, what are the covered businesses required to do?
5. What toxic chemicals does the regulation deal with and why?
6. How is the regulation implemented and enforced? What local agencies are responsible?
7. Is the legislation considered successful? Why or why not?
The paper must be a minimum of 1200 words (between 4 and 5 double-spaced pages).
The paper should have a minimum of 5 references and 2 or 3 of those should be from peer-reviewed books or journals.
Note on references. Legitimate references include scholarly journals/articles, books, data cited
from databases (i.e., U.S. Census), and government reports (i.e., United States General
Accountability Office). You may include personal or telephone interviews with relevant
stakeholders. Citations from Internet sources that are merely web pages constructed by
individuals airing their personal views are unacceptable sources. However, legitimate websites
accessing refereed academic journals/reports (i.e., articles published in The Urban Institute,
Journal of Urban Affairs, etc.) are legitimate resources. One way to determine if a website is
acceptable or not is to ask yourself, “If the Internet did not exist, would I be able to find this
article in the university library?” Newspaper or magazine articles may be used for this
assignment provided they are in-depth articles on the issue, and not just commentaries or
Requirements: 1300 words