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Follow Film Discussion Guidelines. Address six (6) questions of your choice:
1.“Papicha” is an Algerian slang for “cool girl” or “rebel girl”. How is the fashion show Nedjma produces an act of resistance?
2.How does the fashion show present an indictment of Algerian society, and how effective does the fashion show and the film convey a feminist message?
3. Describe the look and sound of the film, its cinematography and music. Was the film visually pleasing? What was the music like? Describe one memorable scene.
4. How are the spaces gendered? Do man and women occupy specific locations?
5. How is female friendship shown through space or movements or camera angle? What message is communicated?
6. Which character made the most impact on you? Why?
The film shows a time period little represented in film: the Algerian Civil War of the 1990s
7. Why did Meddour chose to focus on fashion? What does the haik symbolize?
8. Why does Meddour use silence when the sister Linda is murdered? In contrast, how is music used?
9. How do you understand the conflict between Nedjma and her boyfriend?
10. Why is the character of Kahina ironic or symbolic? Why does Nedjma insist she “feels at home”?
Requirements: NA