Topic: Customer Service and Differentiation in the Medical Industry: A Case Study on the Mayo Clinic
Read the “Marketing Excellence” case study on the Mayo Clinic in your textbook, located on page 426.
Address the following questions from your own perspective:a) Explain why the Mayo Clinic is exceptional at customer service. What are the key differentiating points from other hospitals or medical facilities?b) Is there a conflict between wanting to make your patient happy and providing the best medical care possible? Why or why not?
Your initial post should be a minimum of 200 words.
Use research to support your argument. Cite your sources appropriately.
This discussion question is designed to make you think critically about customer service within the healthcare industry and how marketing strategies can impact patient satisfaction and medical care quality. Please make sure to back up your statements with evidence, as that will strengthen your argument and enrich our class discussion.
Requirements: See instructions