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Using the case scenario below, cluster the data obtained in the scenario and link related data. Use the linked data to list clustered data as assessment information on the care plan. Using the assessment information, create TWO pertinent nursing diagnoses (two or three part as appropriate). One diagnosis must be an actual problem (three part) and the second may be actual (three part), risk (two part) or health promotion (two part). Each nursing diagnosis must have two goals, one long term and one short term. Be sure to create SMART goals; make sure each goal is Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Create THREE individualized interventions to for each goal that will help the patient meet the goals you have developed. Assessment/monitor interventions are not accepted for this assignment. Provide TWO rationale for EACH intervention (two different sources). Determine how you will evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions to determine if the plan has been met.
Write a full care plan using the template provided. The care plan will be graded using the Care plan rubric. The points assigned to each criterion will be based on the total points the care plan is worth. Use APA format for your rationales (citation and reference page needed).
Case Study for Care Plan #2
You are working the medical surgical unit and have been assigned a 42 year old male patient who has had a colon resection with colostomy two days ago. His history includes diabetes, colon cancer, and hypertension. His abdominal incision was assessed with this morning’s dressing change. His vital signs are within normal range for him and he shows no signs of surgical incision infection at this time. He lives at home with his wife and has two teenage children still at home. He is unsure about how to change his appliance and care for his colostomy. He is worried about how he will be able to continue to work or do other daily activities with the ostomy. He has stated, “what if I am out to eat and my bag is full”, “what will my kids think about the colostomy”, “guess I will have to give up bowling league now” and “how can I have relations with my wife, she won’t find me attractive with this”.The plan is to have this patient discharge to home tomorrow or the next day.
Requirements: care plan template
Care Plan Template
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