There are two parts to this reflection memo. First, describe your understanding of two strategy concepts, shown below, as developed by the relevant reading and classes. Then: how did our discussion of the Ryan Air case deepen/expand/change your understanding of these concepts? In your answer, be sure that you:
demonstrate that you prepared the relevant background reading and have understood the concepts as developed in lectures. The most relevent readings are those assigned to Module 7
communicate your understanding of the key takeaways from our discussion of the Ryan Air case, explaining how the case discussion created new insights and improved/deepened/changed your understanding of the two concepts.
To organize your reflection, first write one paragraph for each of the concepts, then, add one or two additional paragraphs about how our case discussion changed/deepened/expanded your understanding of each of them.
Please type or upload text directly in the space provided – do not upload a doc.
You must have attended BOTH case discussion sessions to submit this memo. For the first class on zoom, attendance was only for camera on. Email me if you have questions about whether you can submit this reflection.
This is a reflection: be sure to ground the second part of your answer in your learning and takeaways from our case discussion. What you think about a case before the class discussion may be different from your understanding after the discussion: that “delta” – the insights and new perspectives gained from the case discussion – should be reflected in your memo. For this reason, you must be present in the class sessions where we discuss the Ryan Air case to submit a reflection about the case.
Ryan Air Case Memo Concepts:
Sustainable (defensible over time) Strategic Positioning
Competitive Advantage and sustainable strategic position
Requirements: just follow the requirements