operating systems presentation and need guidance to help me learn.

Review an article or read a book related to operations management. Prepare a 5-8 page PowerPoint presentation and give a presentation about your report/review. Submit your slides online by the due date. You can either use Google Scholar (https://scholar.google.com/ (Links to an external site.)) or any business related data base from CSUN library website (https://library.csun.edu/Links to an external site.
Be sure to include:
Title, authors, and where the paper was published (what journal)
Contribution of the paper to the operations management body of knowledge
Overview of the results that were found
Your conclusions and take on the article and/or critique of the paper(minimal, significant, etc.)
Scoring will be based on:
Organization of slides
Presentation material
Ability to convey to main points of the article
Your understanding and take of the selected article
Aesthetics of slides (slide layout, figures, text is readable)
Presentation skills (all the group members should not be present but all must participate in the preparation of their representative(s)
Requirements: 5-8 pages