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. What does the term “gamelan” mean?
2. The term laras refers to the tuning system in Javanese gamelan. What are the names of the two
systems and how many pitches do they have?
3. What is colotomic structure and how is this utilized in gamelan music?
4. Discuss the history and/or layering of religions that exist in Indonesia. What makes Bali unique
concerning religious development?
5. What role do gamelan ensembles play in establishing and legitimizing royalty and power? How does
the Javanese bedhaya song and dance reflect this assertion of status?
6. What is wayang kulit? How long do these performances last? Who is the dalang and what important
role does he play in maintaining history and culture?
7. List ways in which the modern ensemble of Gong Kebyar is dramatically different than other Balinese
gamelan ensembles in both form and function.
8. What is Balinese kecak? How does the organization and performance of this style of music mirror
gamelan music? What Hindu epic is typically enacted during kecak performances?
9. How does kecak differ from other Balinese trance rituals? What affected this development?
10. The __________________ is another kind of Balinese trance ritual that has been adapted for
tourists. It represents the struggle between good (an awesome but benevolent lion) and evil (a
horrendous and malevolent witch).
11. How does popular gambus music reflect Middle Eastern origins in its instrumentation and style?
12. __________________ is a popular Indonesian music that is an extraordinary mix of Western rock
and Indian film songs.
13. How does the popular genre kroncong reflect colonial history in Indonesia? What is the
instrumentation of kroncong?
14. List ways in which the performance of kroncong and gamelan are similar, even though the
instrumentation is quite different.
15. The ______________________ style of pop music has the unique characteristic of being derived
from a style of professional folk entertainment of _________________ (West Java) and does not have
foreign derivations or influences like other popular genres reviewed.
16. A young musician named _______________________ was responsible for introducing the
amalgamation of various Sundanese musical components that started the jaipongan craze in 1974.
17. How has tourism affected traditional arts in places like Java and Bali? Positive or negative?
18. The national motto of Indonesia is “__________________________________”
How does this statement reflect Indonesian demographics and history?
Requirements: 1h