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Any topic on the artwork Wheel of Life by Jessica Diamonds preferably on the poems that she used in this artwork.
Requirements: 4 pages, 12pt double space
ARTH 374Twenty Questions For a Contextual AnalysisYour Name Nghi TranArtwork Title Wheel of LifeArtist Jessica DiamondDate created July 14 th 2023 Museum location 2nd floor1.Who is the artist? (name, date of birth, death)Jessica Diamond, June 6, 19572.What is this artist’s point of view (gender, cultural, religious, political)?She show her stance against commercial and her point of view on several international relationship between the US and other nations.3.How was he/she trained (school, self-taught, mentor)?School of Visual Arts, New York4.Where were they educated? (school, undergraduate and graduate degrees, and dates)Completing her BFA in 1979 and MFA in 19815.What artwork does this artist produce? (media, video, photo, works on paper, painting, etc)She is known for text-based wall paintings.6.Where does this artwork fit within the artists production? (early, middle, late)Late7.Is this artwork typical of their overall production in material/content/size/subject? (or is it unusual, exceptional…if so, in what way?)Diamond has been using language as a medium throughout her career. Critiques commercialism is also a theme that shows up throughout her career, so this work is typical. 8.In what geographical and artistic context (group affiliation) was he/she working? (studio with assistants? collaborative?) biography, influence, etcDiamond’s was educated in New York in 1980s alongside with the Picture Generation artists9.Who is the artist’s primary commercial gallery (google artist name and commercial gallery)?Colin de Land, American Fine Arts, Co. (her name showed up on a catalogue)
ARTH 37410. Was this work of art created for a particular space? What space?This work was specifically design for the circular space on the 2nd floor of Hirshorn Museum11.What is the primary subject matter of this work of art? (list major and minor subjects)Her main subject is critique on certain aspects of American life like commercialism and corporate culture. Another one is the cycle of life which is indicated by the title and the structure of the installation, and it is also a reflection on Diamond’s personal experience as an artist. The minor subject would be the literary references used throughout the artwork.12.How did the artist choose to represent this subject matter? (what visual language? painting, sculpture, realism, abstraction?) Language, in this case, poems were used to convey this subject. She also integrating references to literary works and cultural figures. The circular and the enormous size of the work is also an element helping Diamond represent the subject.13.At this point, if you could ask the artist one question about their choices in making this artwork, what would you ask?How did she choose the literary works that were referenced in her artwork? Why is it important?14.What topic in contemporary art history does this work engage? In what way? Words as an art medium (Conceptual art), critique on commercialism and mass media culture, interdisciplinary references15.How does this artist situate themselves within arts main discourses? Did they make statements (artist statement, interviews) relating to this? This work is a kind of her autobiography, it’s like looking back at her journey as an artist16.What aspect of this artwork interests you most?The poems that were used in this work and the role of language in her work. I want to learn more about how it asking the viewers to read, engage and think about the meaning behind it. 17.How is the artist’s work discussed on their commercial gallery’s site artist page.
ARTH 37418.What was the best resource you found for this artist in your GMU Library search?Oxford Art Journal19.What is this work about? detail three things….Cyclical nature of life, personal journey and the critique of commodity, mass media culture20.How does this work of art affect you now that you know more about it?I never understood how language could be such a strong medium but the more I learn about this artwork and her others, I understand it now