The Value and Importance of Theory As a social worker you will be asked to evaluate how well a theory assists your understanding of family situations. You will identify the strengths and weaknesses of theory, as well as evaluate how those strengths and weaknesses relate to specific family cases. In your Human Behavior and the Social Environment (HBSE) courses, you were introduced to theory and its role in social work. Theory helps explain and predict behavior. In this way, it is an essential tool for a social worker to assist clients in making changes. Without theory, a social worker is merely a professional with the ability to implement interventions without understanding the reasoning behind those interventions. In your practice courses, theory directs intervention strategies. Now that you have been reminded of the value of theory, you focus on how you might begin to evaluate and critique theory. Type your answer in the box provided and select submit to post your answer. How would you determine if a theory is valuable in client work? Submit Show Feedback