ase Presentation 1: K.D. is a 29-year-old woman who works as an overnight stock clerk at a local grocery store. She reports that she is unable to fall asleep after returning home from work in the morning. She feels drowsy and sluggish as she begins her shift each night, and midway through her shift, she sometimes wishes she could take a nap. K.D. would like a recommendation for an herbal, all-natural treatment for her self-diagnosed insomnia. Question 1: Which of the following are criteria for insomnia diagnosis (per DSM-V classification)? Select all that apply. a. Feeling tired after a long day of classes b. Difficulty falling asleep c. Waking multiple times at night and having trouble falling back asleep d. Trouble sleeping due to excess caffeine intake e. Co-morbid depression f. Disturbed sleep at least 3 nights per week for 3 months Question 2: Does K.D. meet th