Summarize (100-150 words) the 2nd source you are using in your comparison and contrast essay. Experiencing an abrupt termination of employment can elicit feelings of disorientation, and the coping mechanisms employed by people might exhibit significant variation contingent upon their personality traits, prior life experiences, and available support networks. I personally observed this occurrence when two individuals, Jane and Tom, who are both familiar to me, encountered this tragic circumstance simultaneously. Jane re¬sponded to her unexpe¬cted unemployment by looking inward and focusing on pe¬rsonal growth. She seized the chance to evaluate her abilities, registered for online courses to address any deficiencies in her curriculum vitae. She sought advice from a career counselor to plan her further actions. Moreover, the individual allocated her leisure time to engage in physical fitness activities and mindfulness exercises, as she believed that these practices contributed to the cultivation of a positive mindset during the process.