Response to this. This week, I learned about operant conditioning, is type of learning where behavior is controlled by consequences, in other to produce an outcome by using the basic elements of operant conditioning which are positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment. Operant conditioning reminded me of when I was growing up, ironing clothes was one of the chore I must completed before my dad will allowed to play soccer with my friends, not that I hate ironing clothes, but the timing of when my dad will asked me to iron those clothes was what I hate because I saw it as a punishment, especially been asked to iron clothes that will not be wear in days or weeks. But after a while, I will iron all the clothes ahead so that I can play soccer with my friends. Now I cannot put on clothes without Ironing it. I also learned about Thorndike’s experiment, which involved placing a cat in a puzzle box from which the only way of escaping is by performing a specific action, pressing a lever.