Now you need to respond to two classmates about their presentations. What to do? After arguing throughout the discussions, you are going to get a chance to be positive. If you know anything about psychology, remember that negatives (punishment) do not improve behavior as much as reinforcement does—or at least according to the research. Look at the Week 10 lecture to learn more. Regardless of your view on this matter, we will use positive reinforcement in this discussion. Positive reinforcement calls out those actions that are worthwhile and successful so that the person you are talking to will be encouraged to repeat them. Here is what to do when you respond to the presentations. Watch as many as you like but choose a minimum of two for responses. If you see that some peers have lots of feedback and others have none, choose those that are still awaiting feedback so that everyone gets responses. In your responses, explain what parts you liked and why. Was logos used well? Were there excellent supporting facts? Did the beginning hook the viewer? Was the opposition handled well? Just put the positives here but make them specific and make them count. Remember, you are