1. We need to reduce access to firearms in this country because they are causing violence. 2. I have known two Asian individuals and let me tell you, they tend to be very smart, but rigid. 3. We have evaluated this program and the results are absolutely awesome! 4. The Art Therapy treatment program was found to increase self- confidence scores in youth by 15% and reduce angry outbursts by 8%. 5. Kari tried the Anderson grapefruit diet and lost 13 pounds in one month. Her before and after pictures are amazing. I’m going to try this diet myself. 6. I really believe that climate change is related to the increase in youth Depression and I’m going to prove it. 7. This new measure I tried with my clients with Bipolar Disorder was fantastic, you should use it. 8. I’m not going to the Diner on Main street. It has 2 Yelp reviews which rate it as 1 out of 5