As part of supporting your clients’ community participation you need to, in collaboration with your supervisor, monitor your clients’ level of engagement by asking them questions and observing their behaviour and attitude. One of your clients at RHCSC is a young man named Beni. Beni is 20 and was in an accident when he was younger that resulted in him sustaining a traumatic brain injury that has caused a developmental delay. Beni’s comprehension and vocabulary level have been affected by this and he experiences some slurred speech. Because of this, Beni lacks the confidence to hold conversations with new people. Instead, he prefers to just spend time with his carers and his family. Beni has recently become a client at RHCSC. He and his parents have decided it would be best if he developed more of a social network by participating in some of the community activities that RHCSC runs. You attend a meeting with Beni, his parents and your supervisor, where you all discuss the best community participation options for him. After this discussion, Beni is enrolled in one community participation activity to begin with – an afternoon beginners art class for 18 – 22 year old with additional