answer to:The main question that I keep running into in my mind is regarding the juncture where my personal experiences, common factors, and a chosen therapeutic theory(ies) meet. So, how do you know when a therapeutic theory is not working for a family and how do you make the switch to a new theory? I understand that a simple answer would be that change has not taken place, however I believe that there is more to it. I can give my kids a recipe to make dinner, they can follow the directions, and put dinner on the table, yet that does not mean that the experience was beneficial or uplifting to them. I have identified six theories which I feel I can use with my future clients to facilitate change and accomplish family goals; Solution-focused, Narrative, Structural, Bowen Family Systems, Symbolic & Experimental, Emotionally-focused, and Internal Family Systems Therapies. Reiter (2018) quotes Carl Whitaker stating “The goal of therapy is to help families reach a more adaptive, fulfilling level of living. Mere symptom remission is not enough. I see symptom remission as a side effect of productive therapy, not as the goal of it” (p. 175). Reading this an understanding