response to:I found the videos on structural family therapy to be the most interesting, both the demonstration from the reading list this week as well as Dr. Gerhardt’s lecture on it. For some reason, the idea of a structure within a family unit (however that structure currently exists, positively, negatively, etc…) makes sense to me. Pulling the structure apart to find a new homeostasis reminds me of destroying a puzzle to put it back together again and create a different picture. I love that idea because the thought of destroying something that doesn’t work to build something better is a way to distill the idea of therapy to even the most nay-saying person. A question I had in regard to this specific lecture was– and I may have just missed this in the other lectures– but do other theories enact this idea of subsystems working on individual subsystems in order to break homeostasis and rebuild? Or is that specific to Structural Family Therapy? I think breaking down all family structures into subsystems in every theory can help (in the “Comparing Systemic Models” interactive media there were often theory examples that explored only Tom and Linda’s marriage, which in effect would