Bina is a 68-year-old female who grew up in Oxnard, California. She played soccer with the neighborhood kids throughout elementary school and middle school. She did not participate in any sports during high school, although she did help her family by walking to get her younger brothers from school and cooking dinner most evenings. Bina started working as a receptionist once she finished high school. She continued her job until age 26, when her oldest child was born. She quit her job and worked as a homemaker for the next 20 years. She started working as an administrative assistant at her kids former elementary school when she was 46. She continued working there until she retired at age 66. Her primary physical activity during her middle adulthood was cooking for her family and cleaning her home. At age 39, once her youngest child was in high school, she joined an aerobics class at her local church. She attended those exercise classes 3 days per week for almost 15 years, when at age 54 her knees started hurting following the exercise classes. She found a water aerobics class shortly after that. She has been participating in water aerobics 3-4 days per