business project and need support to help me learn.

See course outline four slides of content, the only words should be coming from you! format PowerPoint presentation Google slides is fine for a 2 minute video presentation saved as pptx files for upload to d2l please record your face in the pip window we have we thus far on the written word with a short detour into how arrangement impacts for this assignment we will learn to harness the power of images while words can make powerful arguments even more influential easiest way to get started write out a quick paragraph detailing your stance on a societal issue important to you consider which images would increase with persuasive prowess of this argument assignment you will be creating a four slide four slide presentation feel free to include a title this will not that that illustrates most powerfully and deliver this presentation to your classmates think about Sarah McLachlan in the ASPCA dog commercial in your first image in your first image your goal is to get your audience attention consider ethos here topics cannot