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Using the clips in the materials section of this module (under A Streetcar Names Desire) explore the performances and acting methods of Vivien Leigh (a non-method actor) and Marlon Brando (a “Method” actor). In a well- constructed 3-5 paragraph essay, contrast these two actors and their performances using what you have learned from Chapter 4. I’m using the sample version of the book so not all pages are available so do the best you can.
A Streetcar Named Desire
Overture: Brando’s PreparationLinks to an external site.
Clip 1: Stanley Meets BlancheLinks to an external site.
Clip 2: The Napoleonic Code SceneLinks to an external site.
Clip 3: Brando’s Famous “STELLA!” Scene- 1951Links to an external site.
Clip 4: Vivien Leigh Ending Scene- 1951Links to an external site.
Clip 5: Marlon Brando About Acting the TruthLinks to an external site.
Please adhere to the following criteria:
Be sure to address what you see and hear during the performance. Be specific and use examples.
Look for details and examine/explain the differences you notice. Be sure to refer to the EVALUATING THE ACTOR section of your textbook on pg. 111 and use the tips that it provides regarding evaluating a performance.
Be sure to use or address some of the essential vocabulary introduced in the chapter, such as: internal approach, external approach, character, acting tools, voice, body, etc.
Include your personal thoughts on the performances and your views on method acting vs. non-method. Are you a fan? Do you have concerns? Which do you prefer? What are the pros and cons? Do you find one more effective than the other?
Requirements: 3-5 paragraphs