public health presentation and need a reference to help me learn.

topic is future directions of Occupational health)
Requirements: 15 slides
Every student must send me by email with his chosen topic before 10/10/2023
The presentation should be submitted on the blackboard as a PPT file.
The PPT should not be more than 15 slides and not less than 10 slides.
Use appropriate references as per the APA Style.
The oral presentation time should be 7-10 minutes.
All presenters must participate equally and help each other as needed.
It will be conducted in weeks 9, 10, 11.
Your presentation will be evaluated based on the implementation of communication skills, slides, time, deadline, topic covering.
 Please follow the rank and the presentation will be in the virtual session on Wednesday of the weeks 9,10, and11. Attendance is required for all students.
Good Luck