public health discussion question and need a reference to help me learn.

Topic is Elderly Health: Nutritional Issues of Older Adults
Requirements: 15 slides
PHC 241-Group presentation This assignment is a group effort. Students will work in groups of three to five and will choose one of these topics on nutrition and public health: 1. Protein Energy Malnutrition and Early Child Development 2. Iron Deficiency Anemia in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 3. Maternal Nutrition and Low Birth Weight 4. Nutrition in School-Age Children and Cognitive Development. 5. Fast Food Consumption and Obesity among University Students 6. The Nutritional Transition and Its Implications for the Developing World 7. The Covid-19 Pandemic and Food Consumption Patterns 8. Food Insecurity and Malnutrition in Developing Countries 9. Food Security in a Global Pandemic 10. Elderly Health: Nutritional Issues of Older Adults Presentations should include the following:  An adequate description of the nutritional issue, including a general or specific case.  Discussion of preventive or treatment strategies, and any related local or national policies.  Practical recommendations for reducing malnutrition.  Questions for class discussion. Important guidelines for students:  Presentation should consist of no more than 15 PowerPoint slides (including one page of class discussion questions).  The cover slide should include the following: university logo; presentation title, group members names and students ID numbers.  Presentation time should be 10–12 minutes, followed by five minutes of class discussion.  Each group should have a maximum of five students.  Support your presentation with at least three references (APA style).  The group will be graded as per the “Presentation Marking Rubric”
Poor Fair Good Excellent Total (5) 0.25 pts 0.50 pts 0.75 pts 1 pts Organization Audience cannot understand presentation because there is no sequence of information. Audience has difficulty following presentation because student jumps around. Student presents information in logical sequence which audience can follow. Student presents information in logical, interesting sequence which audience can follow. Subject Knowledge Student does not have grasp of information; student cannot answer questions about subject. Student is uncomfortable with information and is able to answer only rudimentary questions. Student is at ease with expected answers to all questions, but fails to elaborate. Student demonstrates full knowledge (more than required) by answering all class questions with explanations and elaboration. Graphics Student uses superfluous graphics or no graphics Student occasionally uses graphics that rarely support text and presentation. Student’s graphics relate to text and presentation. Student’s graphics explain and reinforce screen text and presentation. Mechanics Student’s presentation has four or more spelling errors and/or grammatical errors. Presentation has three misspellings and/or grammatical errors. Presentation has no more than two misspellings and/or grammatical errors. Presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors. Group Dynamics Multiple group members not participating. Evident lack of preparation/rehearsal. Dependence on slides. Significant controlling by some members with one minimally contributing. Primarily prepared but with some dependence on just reading off slides. Slight domination of one presenter. Members helped each other. Very well prepared. All presenters knew the information, participated equally, and helped each other as needed.